Research & Outreach

Research Opportunities

Research in our department spans the traditional Organic, Inorganic, Materials, Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, and Biochemistry areas.

At the same time, our strength is the interdisciplinary and modern approach to chemical research. Our interdisciplinary research areas in Molecular Design & Synthesis; Biomedical Sciences; Biology-Inspired Chemistry and Physics; Energy, Catalysis & Green Chemistry; Devices, Assembly & Nanochemistry; and Structural Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Advanced Analysis, provide a glimpse at this tradition. The areas and their boundaries are overlapping by nature. Various UCSB Organizations and Institutes provide support and a forum for collaborations. For a full list of our department research areas, please click here.

CHEM 99/199

These courses: Chem 99 - Introduction to Research, and Chem 199 - Independent Studies, provide undergraduate students with an excellent opportunity to work as part of a research group alongside a faculty member while receiving units for their work.

Please click the link below to access the electronic form for Chem 99 or Chem 199 and review common FAQs.

Chem 99/199 Access Form

How to Get Involved in a Research Group

  • Check out opportunities on FRAP: 
  • Email a faculty member directly, expressing your interest in their research and a desire to learn more. I advise you include your unofficial transcript in that email. 
  • Talk to a graduate student who was your TA who can be a good advocate for you to join their group. 
  • Click here for more information. 

Volunteer Opportunities


This program is a partnership between local elementary students and teachers and UCSB students and faculty. To improve educational opportunities for K-12 students, we have developed a program that brings fifth grade students to the chemistry lab at UCSB every Thursday morning to participate in hands-on standards-based physical science activities. UCSB students are given the opportunity to share their love of science with elementary students and to consider a career path as a science educator.

Academic Opportunities


LAs work directly with peers in the general chemistry laboratory in a role similar to that of a Teaching Assistant (TA).


This outreach program focuses on allowing 2nd-5th grade students to experience science first hand by designing, carrying out, and presenting scientific experiments. SciTrek allows UCSB undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to volunteer within the program.

Internship Opportunities

Materials Research Laboratory

Career Services

Calteach Physicial Sciences and Engineering (CPTSE)

Other Educational Opportunities

Gevirtz Graduate School - Science and Mathematics Education Minor