UCSB Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DCB) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) represents all branches of chemistry, from materials chemistry to chemical biology. Our 44 faculty, including two Nobel Laureates, a graduate program in Chemistry and Biochemistry, postdoctoral researchers, and staff are dedicated to exploring the frontiers of chemical science. Our undergraduate program offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemistry, and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biochemistry.  

A two-year core curriculum in chemistry, mathematics, and physics lays a solid foundation for the required and elective coursework of the upper division majors. These upper-division courses add breadth and specialization to the program. Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake independent study and research projects; many join departmental research groups during their junior and senior years. Our program provides students with academic and faculty advisors to assist them with course selection, course substitution, and other matters pertaining to their academic careers. Students are highly encouraged to meet with their major advisors throughout their time at UCSB. 


From course scheduling to graduate school inquiries, our chemistry academic advisors are here to help you. Learn how to get in contact with one of our advisors. 


Did you know that undergraduate students can get involved in research? Well, they can and there are many research opportunities available! Click below to find out more.  

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Transfer Students

Are you interested in studying chemistry or biochemistry at UCSB? Learn more about the transfer student requirements for our department.

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Consider taking a class for your major away from UCSB? Read here to learn about the process. 

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