Academic Programs

Course offerings span all of the established areas of chemistry (biochemistry, inorganic, materials, organic, and physical) while also reflecting the collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of ongoing faculty research projects.  A complete list of courses and their detailed descriptions, is available in the UCSB General Catalog. For quarterly course offerings, please consult the Schedule of Classes - Class Search or GOLD (for current students). 

Below is a listing of undergraduate courses being offered this academic year. This proposed schedule is subject to change, so please check back when planning each quarter's schedule. 

Course Offerings

Biochemistry BS

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary science that links biological sciences like molecular biology and genetics to physical sciences like chemistry and physics.  The successful graduate will have the ability to communicate across different scientific fields while still being expert in an important specialty. The biotechnology revolution ensures that many employment opportunities in industry and government await the holder of the B.S. degree in Biochemistry.

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Chemistry BA

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers two degrees in Chemistry. The B.A. degree is intended for those who want more time for courses outside chemistry itself, and who intend to branch farther after graduation.

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Chemistry BS

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers two degrees in Chemistry. The B.S. degree includes more electives chosen in chemistry than the B.A. degree, and is intended for those who expect to pursue more studies of a chemical nature.

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Pre-Chemistry Major

Students are not admitted directly to the following majors: Biochemistry, B.S., Chemistry, B.S., Chemistry, B.A. Instead, they are first admitted to the Pre-Chemistry major, and they may advance to full major standing in one of these majors only after fulfilling the pre-major courses and grade requirements

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BS-Chemistry/MS-Material Sciences Program

This program is designed for students who wish to enhance their undergraduate education in chemistry by adding a strong knowledge base in the understanding of materials behavior, their synthesis and processing, and their applications in modern technology.  

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Chemistry Minor

The Chemistry Minor is a great option to consider for students who have an interest in chemistry but have chosen not to pursue a full major (Chemistry B.A, Chemistry B.S., or Biochemistry B.S.). 

For students who find it challenging to accommodate their major coursework with a double major in this department, they should consider the minor as a merger of all their interests. The Minor includes 23 units and typically takes 1-2 years to complete.  

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