Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the greatest decisions you could make in college. Participating in an Education Abroad Program provides the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and live in foreign country during your undergraduate career. Studying Chemistry in world renowned institutions abroad offers new perspectives and will broaden your understanding of the science, not to mention having international experience makes you exceedingly competitive in industry.

The UC Education Abroad Program offers programs in over 40 different countries, and the chemistry department has pre approved courses in Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Cork, Singapore, and Berlin. If you are uncomfortable with missing a quarter of school, EAP also offers summer programs that won’t interfere with your schedule. Some of our summer programs offer internships and research opportunities that will enhance your resume or if you are pursuing the Biochemistry B.S. or the Chemistry B.A., you can take the entire Physics 6 series abroad in one summer.

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  • National University of Singapore

  • University College Cork, Ireland

  • University of Edingburgh, Scotland

  • University of Hong Kong

  • Summer Physics Program

  • 4 Year Plan