Student Affairs Manager: India Madden
Undergraduate Advisor: Chika Anyiwo
Student Affairs Coordinator: Esmeralda Morales
Peer Advisor: Wilson Lee
Office Location: Building 232
Before emailing us, please click here to review our FAQ page. The answer to your inquiry may be available on this page. 
UCSB students: please mail us from your UCSB email account and include your PERM number.
Responsibilities: The undergraduate advising staff are your primary contact for change of major and all other petitions, progress checks, enrollment and Waitlist information. The undergraduate advisors can answer most of your questions, or refer you to one of the faculty advisors. 


For Freshmen and Seniors (1st and 4th years): Dr. Bryanna Sylvester
For Sophomores and Juniors (2nd and 3rd years): Dr. Scott Price
For Transfer Students: Dr. Peter Ford
For CCS and Honors Students: Dr. Leroy Laverman
Faculty Undergraduate Advising Chair: Dr. Steve Buratto
Responsibilities: The undergraduate faculty advisors are you primary contact for course content related questions, tips and advice for success in chemistry/science courses, undergraduate preparation for medical school, independent research with faculty, or if referred by a staff undergraduate advisor.


Our office is open 9 AM -12 PM and 1-4 PM, Monday through Thursday for students to come in. On Fridays, advising is available only via Zoom. 

We offer limited virtual advising for quick questions. Advising that requires an appointment (maximum 30 min.) will be done virtually.








Virtual Advising

10:30-11:30 AM


Virtual Advising

10:30-11:30 AM

Virtual Advising

10:30-11:30 AM

Virtual Advising

10:30-11:30 AM

Virtual Advising

9:15-11:15 AM











Virtual Advising

1:15-3:15 PM

Click here to view when we are out of office.
Please note that advising services will be unavailable on campus holidays and appointments are unavailable during the first two weeks of the quarter. 


Use the chart below to determine if your question(s) can be answered via walk-ins or an appointment. 


Walk-in or Appointment?


Visit Walk-ins (click the "X")


Make an Appointment (click the "X")

Academic Difficulties   X
Articulations   X
Approval codes X  
Chemistry BS/Materials MS Program   X
Change of Major - Declaring a full major (for students currently declared Pre-Chemistry)   X
Change of Major - Declaring pre-chemistry (for students not currently declared Pre-Chemistry)   X
Chemistry Minor   X
Chemistry 99/199 petitions X  
Considering a double major   X
Course Scheduling  X  
Crashing and Waitlist procedures X  
Declaring for Degree Candidacy (Graduation)  Click here  
Departmental Honors Program (Distinction in the Major)   X
EAP planning  - Study abroad   X
Enrollment Inquiries X  
Grad School inquiries   X
Grading concerns   X
Lab switches X  
Major Progress Checks X  
Passtimes deadlines X  
Proposed Schdule for Graduation (PSG)   X
Research and Opportunities   X
Retroactive drops/withdrawal petition   X
Second repeat petition   X


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