Undergraduate Advising Staff

Chika Anyiwo and Alice Kojima

Questions regarding your major and/or academic progress? Please email You MUST include your perm number. Please give our department one full business-day to respond to all email inquiries. Additionally, please do not send multiple e-mails with the same content. This prolongs our response time to your inquiry. UCSB students: All email correspondence with our department needs to be via your U-mail address.

To schedule an appointment, please use the link below:

9am-12pm: By Appointment

1pm-4pm: Walk-in (5-10 minutes; designated for quick questions)

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Declaring Your Major

Transferring Major Course Work (Course Articulations/Substitutions)

Faculty Advisor

Contact your faculty advisor for course content related questions, undergraduate preparation for medical and graduate school, research with faculty, or if referred by the undergraduate advisor.

For Freshmen and Seniors: Petra van Koppen

For Sophomores and Juniors: Leroy Laverman

For Biochemistry Majors: Kalju Kahn

For Honors Students: Paula Bruice


Tel: (805) 893-5675


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